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Toptracer Range

Cutting-edge tracking technology right at your fingertips

Toptracer Range provides state-of-the-art tracking technology to cater to all of your golfing needs! You can play games, use it as a launch monitor, or have it record all of your averages with only a few clicks! How? Well, both Toptracer Range and Toptracer Range Handheld can provide you with these services, available for free at Tee It Up and other Toptracer ranges!

Toptracer Range

Our Toptracer technology is located both under cover and out on the field, both on and off the mats.
Whether you're looking to make the game more exciting with virtual courses or track your progress using the included launch monitor features, Toptracer has you covered.

You can take the tracking on to the grass as well, using the Toptracer mobile app on the Play Store and Apple Store.

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